Super tank VS Monsters full movie. Monster Trucks Cartoon. World of tanks cartoon. Xe tăng. รถถัง

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0:40 In an animation about a tank battle for children, a boastful tank gets a second wound and loses a gun in this war between tanks. Super tank VS Monsters.
0:43 Other tanks in the world of tanks remained in hiding and did not suffer in this battle on the battlefield of tanks, because they studied combat tactics in cartoons about the battle of tanks. Super tank getting ready for battle.
0:07 Cartoons about tanks for children online introduce us to the most powerful tank team in the world of tanks, which have to fight in a serious battle with other tanks. Monster Trucks Cartoon.
0:20 The team of tanks in the animation about tanks is set to defeat all tanks and goes to the war field, where the battle will take place.
0:26 In the cartoon about tank battles, the green tank the frog is hiding in the shelter and this saves him from shelling other tanks that want to win this tank battle.
0:36 In a cartoon about tank warfare, a green tank comrade spotted tank sees his friend in trouble on the battlefield and inflicts a crushing blow on enemy tanks in this battle.
0:43 A monster tank is approaching a team of bold tanks in an animation about tank battles, which defeats all opponents on the battlefield in any battle.
0:49 A spotted tank in a cartoon for children about tanks takes aim and demolishes a tower to a monster tank and defeats it in this battle in the world of tanks online.
1:00 In a cartoon about tanks and tank battles for children, an online mini tank frog decides to avenge his friend who fell in this battle and shoots at a spotted tank, but misses.
1:06 In a tank battle in the world of tanks for children, the spotted tank is the strongest and destroys the enemy’s tank in battle.
1:25 In an animation about tanks and battles, a spotted tank becomes so brave that in the world of tanks it shoots down all enemy tanks. This monster tank in the war considers itself the coolest.
created by GERAND
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